Consent granted for alterations to 19th century family home

  • | Donald Insall Associates

Built in the early 19th century, Broughton House sits within the historic village of Threapwood. The building has acted has a family home for some time, however the building once belonged to Broughton Hall, of which only small fragments now remain. While unlisted, the structure is of architectural interest due to its orange/red brick and multiple circular stone framed hayloft windows facing into an open courtyard.

Presently the House does not function successfully as a family home for intergenerational living. As a former stables the existing plan creates a succession of rooms, with access one to another, with the east wing separated from the western wing. Insall proposed a courtyard link building comprising of a Dining Room, a Garden Room and a Children’s Education Room. Consent has now been granted for the enclosure of the courtyard and a south extension pool house