Celebrating Employee Ownership at Donald Insall Associates
July 14, 2015

To mark Employee Ownership day on 3 July 2015, Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and MoralDNA™ have published an interim research paper on Employee Ownership and its relationship to democratic management culture, employee motivation and longer-term approaches to business decisions – a first of its kind to focus on companies owned by employee trusts.

The paper, featuring data from 829 employees across 14 employee-owned firms, finds that 86% of those surveyed feel employee ownership improves their ability to attract new staff; 90% say it improves overall performance; 79% say that it encourages longer-term decision making. The study suggests that the reason for these opinion polls may lie in differences in the organisations’ management and leadership culture, which 90% of the surveyed responded that they feel their management is democratic, visionary and affiliative in comparison to the 59% poll returned from non-employee owned firms.

Donald Insall Associates prides itself in being a 90% employee owned company, with this figure to increase in the near future.

The interim paper can be downloaded from www.managers.org.uk/moraldna.

Celebrating Employee Ownership at Donald Insall Associates