European Architectural Heritage Year Anniversary
September 10, 2015

We are proud to sponsor a celebration in Chester of the 40th Anniversary of this key European initiative. Involving 50 cities, Chester was the leading light in this programme. We were reminded of the pioneering nature of the Conservation movement in 1975; the technical, financial and political hurdles were set high. Our client and friend, Cyril Morris, has written a booklet about those heady days and his role was rightly celebrated at an event in Chester, where Sir Donald was invited to launch the publication.

The Chester conservation programme, spearheaded by the famous Insall study, resulted in the invention of a new profession, the Conservation Officer. The very first Conservation Officer, Roger Tilley, was present at the launch event.  Also there were past and current Chester Conservation Officers, representatives of The Chester Civic Trust and of the heroic local authorities of the time.

In 1975 a fascinating film called “The Conservation Game” was made about what was happening in Chester in those pioneering times. We managed to find a copy which has been digitised and can be viewed here (click here for link).

If you would like a copy of Cyril Morris’s booklet, please send an email to and we will be pleased to send you a copy – it’s an amazing story of our recent history.

European Architectural Heritage Year Anniversary