Our Role in the Future of Crystal Palace Subway
April 13, 2015

Crystal Palace Subway is the last surviving building from the Victorian Crystal Palace complex; the palace having burned down during 1936. Thought to have been designed by Edward Barry in a Byzantine style, the Subway offered direct access into Crystal Palace High Level Station, opening into the centre transept.

The listed subway, with its elaborate fan vaults, concourses and tunnels, has spent decades in a state of increasing decay. We have recently undertaken a full condition survey of the building, providing a comprehensive conservation management plan to ensure its longevity, where expert architectural understanding was supplemented by archive research from our Historic Buildings Consultancy team. Significantly, we undertook a costed options appraisal to inform future restoration and conservation strategies, thereby enhancing the potential of this remarkable building to find new purpose within its community and perform a pivotal role as Bromley Council develops its ambitions for the redevelopment of Crystal Palace Park.