Planning consent granted for new King’s Road café
August 16, 2016

Further to a public consultation earlier this year, a new King’s Road café has now received planning consent by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Designed by Nex Architecture, the shell-like structure will be the first in the UK to feature a glass facade that lowers into a single storey basement during fine weather.

The Donald Insall Associates Historic Buildings Consultancy was part of the Cadogan Estate team, providing the Estate with a Historic Environment Report which explained why the design of the proposed café was acceptable in this sensitive location. The design is for a singular and abstract form, not in the stripped classical idiom that defines both historical and modern architecture in this part of Chelsea. We put the case that this modest departure from context is entirely appropriate for a building of this function in this important location, and that the proposed new café will be a subtle counterpoint to the sober dignity of the surrounding buildings. Our report concluded that the proposed new building will be an important marker that there is a modern chapter in the history of architecture in Chelsea, an area renowned for being at the forefront of taste since the era of Wren.

Cadogan Estate plans to continue engagement with local residents and neighbouring businesses while construction is due to start in the autumn. Plans for the new café can be seen here.

Image courtesy of Hayes Davidson

Planning consent granted for new King’s Road café