Hotel Café Royal, London

Conservation works to the Hotel Café Royal, a Grade II listed 20th-century building, have facilitated its new use and long term benefit.  As Conservation Architect working closely with David Chipperfield Architects, we led the alterations, repairs and refurbishment of historic rooms that were retained while adjacent areas were re-developed behind the original façade by Reginald Blomfield.

The conservation work allowed new interventions to be made and justified to suit the building’s new use as a hotel, and also to meet current requirements for environmental comfort and control.  The Tudor, Celestine, Club and Empire Suites are now bedrooms and the Domino, Grill and Ten Rooms are now restaurants.  The works encompassed the repair and refurbishment of ceiling paintings and stained glass; alteration and repair of joinery, mosaic, gilding and fibrous plaster; and – significantly – the now nearly lost skill of composition enrichment.

Alrov Group

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