Fish and Coal Offices & Eastern Wharf Road Arches, King’s Cross

The Fish and Coal Offices and Eastern Wharf Road Arches are unlisted buildings constructed 1850-1860s. They are located within the Regent’s Canal Conservation Area and form Development Zone I in the King’s Cross Central development scheme. The buildings have multi-layered significance including the consistent almost Georgian style of the Fish and Coal Offices and their scarcity as surviving example of freight traffic facilities. In addition the Wharf Road Viaduct is a largely intact example of an integrated viaduct and horse stabling in the arches below. Together, their significance relates primarily to the positive contribution they make to the cluster of industrial buildings which make up the Goods Yard. Insall were appointed in 2013 to assist in proposals for the buildings; initially producing a conservation plan leading to the development of proposals for extension and alterations in association with their sensitive adaptation and reuse as a retail and restaurant destination and as part of the wider public realm improvements.

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