An employee-owned practice

Since our inception in 1958, the care we bring to the buildings on which we work has been echoed in the way we run our business: centred on people. Our forward-thinking ethos led us to become an employee-owned practice, where each member of the practice owns a meaningful stake in the business through an Employee Ownership Trust. Every one of our members enjoys a percentage share of the business profits every year, regardless of seniority, and is invited to participate in various practice-wide consultations on how we can be a better business and practice.

We began our transition to employee ownership in 1991, when a deed of trust was formed between Sir Donald Insall and the practice directors at the time. We gradually increased this number over the years until the practice became 100% employee-owned (95% by the EOT and 5% by Donald Insall) on our 60th anniversary year of 2018.

Our dedication to the employee ownership model and enthusiasm to share our experience with other interested practices has been recognised in the Employee Ownership Awards, where we received a Commendation for Employee Owner of the Year in 2015. The practice is also a member of the Employee Ownership Association.

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