Our approach

Donald Insall Associates is committed to the conservation of historic buildings in the service of a sustainable society. We listen to the needs of the present day and future generations, as well as the importance of conserving buildings of the past.

We are not bound by tradition, and impose no standard solution: for each project, we search for the most beneficial result, addressing aesthetic, commercial, legislative and conservation imperatives. What distinguishes our approach to the development of historical sites and buildings is a pragmatic balance between the preservation of heritage assets with a commercial awareness to ensure their future vitality. We love our work and seek to share our passion for historic buildings with clients, contractors and other consultants, and with the public at large. We believe that decisions surrounding building conservation and regeneration should be informed through a constructive and open dialogue between building owners, users, architects, consultants and other interested parties, including statutory authorities and amenity societies.

Both aesthetics and authenticity are important: interventions should be pleasing to the eye and stimulating to the imagination.