Proud RIBA Architecture Ambassadors!

  • | Anne-Marie Hayes

The RIBA Ambassador programme partners architecture professionals with local schools to design and deliver architecture-focused workshops, engaging children and young people in architecture and the built environment.

We partnered with Moat House School in Coventry, and over the past year, Abi, from our Birmingham office has worked with teachers and Year-6 students to design and deliver creative workshops. Using model making, the children were able to learn about architecture and how a building is constructed, getting hands on with materials. Through this process they were also able to explore ideas of problem-solving, design and collaboration.

Using the theme of ‘Tudor and Victorian’ architecture, the students designed their own buildings in either style and were encouraged to think about different design elements typical of those styles and translate them into their own creations!

We have been lucky to partner with three schools in Coventry over the past year, helping to deliver workshops as part of ‘City of Culture 2021’. The workshops are rewarding for both the students and our ambassadors and we very much look forward to working with more schools in the future.

Take a look at the photos!