106 Piccadilly

Mayfair, London

The Grade I-listed 106 Piccadilly was built as a private house for Lord Coventry and was begun in 1759 by an unidentified but highly competent architect. The house was then refurbished in 1765-6 by Robert Adam. From 1868 to the 1970s it was occupied by the St James’s Club with subsequent institutional use throughout the later 20th and into the 21st century. The building has latterly been occupied by a private university.

Works to continue the established educational use of the property included the complete replacement of the deteriorated roof and gutter linings, repair and restoration of the external masonry envelope including cleaning, general renovation and redecoration of the interiors including restoration of key heritage interiors, cleaning of historic paint schemes attributed to Robert Adam, selective modern paint removal to reveal historic joinery mouldings / decorative schemes, replacement of missing joinery and restoration of the significant but fire central octagonal room interior, attributed to Robert Adam.

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