Hampton Court

The Wolsey Chimney and the Royal Tennis Court have their origins in the 16th century. They have both been heavily remodelled and restored at various times between the 17th to 20th centuries. Wind action over many decades had caused structural movement and the dislocation of the capping to the chimney shafts. Repairs involved dismantling the tops of the shafts and rebuilding incorporating reinforcement to stiffen the capping. Insalls were appointed to investigate the structure and identify repairs and conservation works to the roof of the tennis courts. New tiles were fixed on complete pitches, allowing the reclaimed tiles to be laid imitating the spirit of the pattern on the west pitch recorded with rectified photography. The works permitted dendrochronology of the timber trusses, which suggested the origin of the roof structure is in the second quarter of the 17th Century, at a time when Inigo Jones was Surveyor of the Kings Works.

Historic Royal Palaces