Knebworth House, Knebworth, Hertfordshire

Repair and Conservation of North West Turret

Knebworth House has been the home of the Lyttons since the late 15th century. Knebworth is of major importance having a Tudor house at its core, altered in the 17th century and then substantially in the 19th century, which included high Victorian gothic interiors and a stage-set exterior formed of a glorious riot of stucco beasts and heraldry. The building is frequently used for film locations.

Insalls has been working with Knebworth since the1970s on a multiphase programme of repair to the entire building. Earlier repairs to the north-west elevations were addressed in 1999-2000, particularly to the parapets and stucco, but the movement and cracking in the  NW turret has since worsened significantly resulting in its recent underpinning and requiring the elevations to be re-visited.

The recent work included underpinning the turret, carefully stitching brickwork behind stucco render and repairing external elements and interiors. The work was possible from several funding streams including grant aid from Historic England.

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