York City Walls CMP

One of the defining features of York’s historic townscape, York City Walls is an essential piece of civic infrastructure and a major tourist attraction. The City of York Council commissioned us to produce a Conservation Management Plan (CMP) that outlines the conservation philosophy and principles for continued use of the monuments. 

Our targeted research, in tandem with the site surveys and extensive stakeholder engagement, unlocks informed decision-making that appropriately balances repair, conservation, restoration and adaptation, alongside offering a strong framework for the Walls’ future management.

The CMP sets out an illustrated history of the Walls including timelines as well as a comprehensive site survey – presented as an illustrated gazetteer – describing the condition of the City Walls, their visual appearance, orientation and signage, lighting and changes to their setting. It sets out a series of objectives, principles and recommendations for the conservation and management of the walls to enable future adaptation to meet modern visitor requirements without compromising what makes it unique. The guidance focused on the repair and conservation of the built fabric to maintain and enhance the significance of the monuments, factoring in evidential, historical, aesthetic and cultural values.

We were subsequently commissioned to produce a summary document for the Council’s website to explain how the walls are managed by the City of York Council.

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