Private House, Westminster


The interiors of the mansion block were remodelled by combining two flats as an entertainment space, to accommodate up to 200 people, for a private client who has a large collection of modern eastern art. The colours and finishes were carefully selected to show off the art. French chimneypieces were introduced and new sympathetic shelving units created to fit in with the image. Lighting was specially designed to augment the desired atmosphere, with furniture selected accordingly. The increased height of the doors produced the elongated proportions in the Edwardian corridor, wherein the original mosaic floor was retained in order to maintain the balance of old and provide a gallery atmosphere that our client desired. Lighting and a flexible hanging system were essential for this interior, as was working with specific artists who wished their works to be displayed and viewed in a very particular manner. Floor finishes provided sound insulation whilst creating a contemporary and elegant feel.

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