Architecture: New Buildings

There is no such thing as a place without a historical or physical context. Curiosity about this context is the starting point for good design, and we use our extensive knowledge of architectural history to inform our design decisions.

Like the historic buildings we so admire, our architecture is designed to endure. We believe good design is not merely a matter of style, but the realisation of an idea through the skilled deployment of form, materials and detailing. A new building should be made to last, and crafted carefully with the intention that it becomes more beautiful as it grows older.

The design of a new building should seek to express a narrative through its architectural language. This might include the philosophy and activity of its owners or users, the history and character of a place or institution, or aspects of cultural identity and values; it should be borne out of a dialogue, not a monologue.

We therefore begin each project by taking the time to understand our client’s needs and budget, the site’s historical context, and environmental considerations. Our buildings respect the environment and respond to its many facets: natural, physical, practical, cultural, and spiritual.

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